Mirena Insertion

New Service at Slievemore Clinic from October 2009


Mirena Coil insertion


Dr Georgina Connellan MICGP


The  Mirena  Intrauterine system  ( IUS )


What is the Mirena?


The Mirena is a flexible T shaped device  that is placed inside the womb. It contains the female hormone progesterone that is released slowly inside the womb.

It is effective for 5 years but can be removed at any time


How does it work as a contraceptive?


It acts by making the lining of the womb thinner therefore making it less likely to accept a fertilised egg

It affects cervical mucus making it more hostile to sperm

It prevents ovulation in some women


Who is it suitable for?

Women who want to space their families , women who have completed their families, women with heavy periods , nursing mothers


Does it affect your fertility?

No fertility returns to normal immediately on removal


When is the best time to insert the Mirena ?


Towards the end of your period  day 4-7 ,

6 – 8  weeks after normal delivery

3 months after caesarean delivery


How effective is it ?

Over 99% effective


What are the possible side effects?


Side effects of the Mirena are fairly uncommon. In the initial few weeks women can experience irregular bleeding but this usually settles down by 3 months. Periods are thereafter usually lighter  and some women have no periods at all.

Side effects to the hormone progesterone can occur infrequently and include  mood swings  acne and breast tenderness. These are usually  temporary.


How do I go about getting a Mirena fitted?

At the initial consultation swabs are taken to ensure you don’t have an infection prior to the insertion. You will be given a prescription for the Mirena and  a painkiller such as ponstan which should be taken 1 hour  before the  insertion as it can be a little painful in some women.

You then arrange to come back during your next period and have the Mirena fitted .

The fitting takes about 5-10mins and is relatively painless in women who have had vaginal deliveries


How much does it cost ?

Initial consultation with swabs       65 euro

Insertion of Mirena                             130 euro (Includes follow up at 6 weeks )

Mirena device at pharmacy                  100 euro   with DPS card